Software Reserch & Development Engineering Srl was born from the idea of the founder, Ing. Gianluca Aureli, to create a structure based on years of experience in industrial automation and field engineering, able to meet quickly and on time the continuing and increasingly urgent demand of the market in terms of integration between production systems and management. The knowledge gained in basic automation first, and in collecting and interpreting data then allows SRD Engineering Srl. to rank as ring junction between the automation of installation and management software needed by the specific high level. Experience in data processing allows the company SRD Engineering Srl. to supply customers with the Collection of the Instruments necessary for the analysis of both the most common key performance indicators relating to the cycle of maintenance and preventive schedule (TCO, MTBF, MTTF, MTRF, MTBM) according to UNI 10147.4.11 that tracking actual production (MES, CFR21 Part 11). Making use of specific external collaborations, certified for the various development environments, the company SRD Engineering Ltd may be seen as an ideal partner in the creation of small and large automation systems, or for the construction of plants "turn-key, supporting the customer both during the preliminary sizing of the solution, and during the various phases of project development. The deep knowledge of current systems such as Profibus, Profinet, WiFi, GPS, Ethernet, etc.. SRD Engineering Ltd enables the company to be able to act with customers to advise of reference, to achieve leading-edge solutions, but still sized in reference to the specific needs of the end user, not losing sight of the possibility of future upgrades and availability of components on the market.

Some areas of work:

-Design and production of distribution panels
-Design and implementation frameworks for industrial automation systems
-Realization of electrical drawings and assembly diagrams
-Development of automation software for PLC (Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Omron etc...)
-Development of HMI panels with touch screen and alphanumeric operator panels (Siemens, ESA, ...)
-Development of Supervision of plant SCADA (Wonderware InTouch, Wonderware IAS,
  iFix, Bridgeview ...)
-Development of software instruments with LabView, VisualBasic, Visual Studio.Net environment
-Data collection and interfacing with existing databases
-Data management via relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server ...
-Operation of automation systems
-Supervision for assembly
-Drive programming: Lenze, Control Techniques, ABB ...
-Profibus, Ethernet, CANbus, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP...
-Web assistance